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Fire breaks out in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

6 November 2018: A shoe shop in a popular shopping mall caught on fire. “A fire occurred at a storeroom of a branded shoe shop on the ground floor of Sunway Pyramid. There are no victims,” said a Fire and Rescue Department spokesperson. The fire was successfully extinguished at around 5.53pm, with the help of…
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laundry centre on fire, customer hurted

A woman who suffered 50 per cent burns in a fire at a 24-hour self-service Laundrybar outlet in Taman Jinjang last night is in a stable condition. “It comes as a real shock to us as we are one of the pioneers in the business here and have always practised the strictest safety measures at…
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Flammable cladding panels fuelled the EPF building blaze

The cladding panels used on the exterior of the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) building in Jalan Gasing did not meet fire safety requirements, said Fire and Rescue Department deputy director-general Datuk Soiman Jahid. Initial investigations revealed that the fire started on the first floor, where maintenance work was being carried out to the exterior of…
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Understand the major causes of fire

FAULTY electrical sources are the No. 1 cause of fires in the country, with more than 5,300 cases recorded in the past three years. Of the number, more than 1,000 buildings were razed as a result of short circuits, triggered either by overloading, faulty electrical appliances or wiring. Statistics provided by the Fire and Rescue…
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Fire Extinguisher for all home in the future

The Fire and Rescue Department is in the midst of drawing up plans to introduce this legal provision, which currently only exists in some state laws, at the federal level. Once passed, those who purchased houses from 2012 could ask from their housing developers for a fire extinguishing unit. Others would need to buy it…
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Over 2,000 buildings nationwide at risk of fire! THE Fire and Rescue Services Department has identified over 2,000 buildings nationwide that are at risk of fire.


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Over 2,000 buildings nationwide at risk of fire

THE Fire and Rescue Services Department has identified over 2,000 buildings nationwide that are at risk of fire. Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Tan Sri Noh Omar said the buildings were among 16,862 that were inspected. “As of May 31 this year, a total of 6,240 premises were checked and 847 were found…
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Making tall buildings safe

AGAINST a dark night sky in the wee hours of a June morning, the fire that consumed the Grenfell Tower in London spread quickly from the fourth floor to the rest of the 24-storey building, with people inside. More than 80 are still missing. Can it happen here? According to Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia…
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