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Zurich Fire Insurance

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Zurich General Insurance is one of the fastest growing insurer in Malaysia and is among the top 5 largest insurers in Malaysia. Zurich’s swift growth is mainly due to its aggressiveness in offering value for money products, especially its fire insurance.

Zurich General Insurance offer below:

  • Basic Fire Insurance
  • Zurich HomeProtect (Houseowner/Householder)
  • Fire Consequential Loss
  • Zurich SME Business
  • Zurich Optimuz

Basic Fire Insurance
You can’t stay cool about a fire. Fires can eradicate entire businesses/home. And it can happen to you. So make sure you cover loss and damage to your house/business premises and its contents, as a result of fire or lightning or domestic explosions.

Zurich HomeProtect (Houseowner/Householder)
Cover property damages of your building/contents against fire, lighting and domestic explosion PLUS storm, flood, impact damages, bursting of pipes, overflow tanks, earthquake etc

Fire Consequential Loss
Fire can cause irreversible losses, not just material but financial. Fire Consequential Loss Insurance offers additional insurance to help cover those losses that occur because your business can’t get back on track after a fire. It takes into consideration losses such as loss of Gross Profit due to turnover reduction, increase in working cost and additional expenses incurred as a result of business interruption caused by fire.

Zurich SME Business
As a business owner or manager, you’d rather not worry about the fine details of protecting your business. That is why we have tailored 3 types of comprehensive SME Business solutions for you to choose from, so that all you need to do is focus on growing your business while we will take care of protecting it. At Zurich, you can be assured of receiving the best service in the industry and the most competitive price!

Zurich Optimuz
When your business is your passion, you’ll want only the best way to protect it. Whether it is protection for your employees or your business, Optimuz is your one-stop solution.

Quotations and policies are issued quickly and conveniently so you have one less thing to worry about. The best part is, you get to choose as many products as you see fit to match all your business needs. All you do is decide which of the following products will suit your business requirements. Then we will immediately finalise the all-in-one Optimuz solution, just for you.