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Allianz Fire Insurance

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We are elite club member for Allianz General Insurance and we are able to provide you the best possible fire insurance plan from Allianz.

Allianz General Insurance offers:

  • Basic Fire Insurance
  • Smart Home Cover
  • Commercial Fire Insurance
  • Smart Retail Shield
  • Fire & Consequential Loss
  • Property All Risk Insurance
  • Hotel Shield Package Insurance
  • Smart Shield Package Insurance

Basic Fire Insurance (Residential Property)
Cover property damages of your building/content etc against fire, lightning and domestic explosion. Extra perils can be covered with additional premium.

Smart Home Cover
Cover property damages of your building/contents against fire, lighting and domestic explosion PLUS storm, flood, impact damages, bursting of pipes, overflow tanks, earthquake etc

Commercial Fire Insurance
Cover property damages of your building/contents/stocks/materials etc against fire and lighting based on your business activities. Additional perils can be covered with additional premium.

Smart Retail Shield
Tailor-made coverages that cater to businesses across a wide range of industries, offering a comprehensive selection of coverage which is customisable according to business needs.

Fire & Consequential Loss
Apart from covering your physically property damages, it also covers consequential losses, such as loss of revenue, profit, rental etc. Also include salary payment, bank charges etc.

Property All Risk Insurance
The most complete coverage that covers all possible loss, from property damages to business revenue. All risk / perils covers unless excluded.

Hotel Shield Package Insurance
A 9-in-1 insurance plan that covers risks of fire, fire consequential loss, money, burglary, glass, employees’ fidelity, public liability, personal accident and all risks, especially designed for hotel businesses that comes with Emergency Relief Benefit.

Smart Shield Package Insurance
A 10-in-1 insurance plan that covers risks of Fire, Money, Burglary, Plate Glass, Fidelity Guarantee, Machinery Breakdown, All Risks, Public Liability, Personal Accident and Error and Omission. It provides comprehensive package insurance for apartment risks, run by Joint Management Bodies (JMB).