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Your house is your biggest asset

We can help you to protect it!

Types of Fire Insurance

Be it residential or commercial property, we are able to recommend a suitable fire insurance to protect your biggest asset. We have arranged cover for hundreds of houses, shoplets, factories and even aircraft hangar!

Basic Fire Insurance

This is the most basic fire insurance that covers propoerty/contents damages due to Fire, Lightning and domestic explosion

HOHH Insurance

A Houseowner / Householder insurance is a more complete fire insurance that cover more perils than the basic fire insurance.

Strata Title Insurance

This is a master fire insurance that covers buildings / property with strata titles such as apartment / condominium etc

From Fire & Rescue Department

Causes of Fires

Modern houses are very much different from earlier days where it is built out of woods. Today’s houses are constructed with bricks, cements and glass etc. But the risk of fire is always there. Below is the majot causes of fires

Electrical Sources

More and more electrical applicances is added to your home till its overloaded.

Cigarette butts

Carelessness in proper disposal of cigarette butts is sure a fire risk


An unattended cooking session would turn out to be an forgivable incident.

Incendiary Fire / Arson

Lighting up when you know you should not, whether intentional or not!


Fire is a Low frequency – High severity risks. An occurance would leave many people devastated where family and or business can be totally destroyed.


Deaths due to fire is 153 in 2015

Injured due to Fire

467 people are injured due to fire in 2015

Loss in RM

RM4.3 billion was loss due to fire in year 2015

Distress calls

The Fire Department recieve over 82,600 calls in 2015

Fires can happen anytime, anywhere

unlike motor accidents, many people think that fire risk is very remote and would not happen to them. Below are fire scene from newspapers, hopefully would help you to think otherwise. These are fire accidents widely publicised, we do not include residential fires here out of respect.

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