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HOHH Insurance

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HOHH Insurance stands for Houseowner/Householder Insurance, which is a more complete fire insurance for residential property, with many perils add-on at a bundled premium.

Houseowner refers to the coverage for your physical building, whereas Householder refers to the content in your house. A HOHH insurance is like your motor comprehensive insurance, where it offers a more complete coverage. Unlike the basic fire insurance, which only cover damages from fire, lightning and domestic explosion, a HOHH insurance cover a lot more.

A HOHH insurance would typically covers for:

1. Fire
2. Lightning
3. Domestic Explosion
4. Storm and tempest (hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, windstorm)
5. Aircraft Damage
6. Impact Damage
7. Bursting of Pipes, tank overflow
8. Flood
9. Earthquake & Volcano eruption
10. Physical damage due to Theft/break-in
11. Legal liability to Public
12. and many more

Thus, by taking up a HOHH insurance, you have better coverage, and less worry. In the event of a thunderstorm, where part of your roof was blown off, or it get flooded, or an aircraft/helicopter crashed on your building (yes, it does happen and can happen), you can rest assured that you are well-protected.

So, it is recommended to take up a Houseowner / Householder policy for better protection.